Secondary Containment

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Our Services

Envirotite Secondary Containment Systems utilize a Polyurea Spray Elastomer Technology to ensure that both you and the environment are protected. Polyurea Spray Elastomer Technology offers a fast-set solution for meeting the secondary containment rules for hazardous materials as specified by the EPA.

Polyurea Spray Technology is a plural-component, fast-set elastomeric membrane system that provides for a monolithic, impervious liner.

Features of this Technology

Various formulated systems address the numerous requirements related to secondary containment, including adhesion to the many substrates commonly encountered in these containment areas. For containment areas where solid subtrates are not present, geomembranes can be used in conjunction with an applied layer of Polyurea System. Incorporating both of these systems provides low shrinkage characteristics for the entire area.

Additional Benefits

The fast set-time allows for minimal downtime and quick return to service of the area, in a variety of ambient conditions including cold weather applications.

The Polyurea Systems remain flexible at low temperatures eliminating common cracking issues related to inferior materials and/or applications.