Chemical Containment Area | 2023

The goal of this project was to restore a secondary containment around a chemical storage tank at a water treatment facility. The existing containment system was an asphalt containment area that became cracked over time.


Restoring this containment area, we needed to make the surface clean, dry, and stable prior to coating. First, we removed all foreign contaminants and vegetation that had grown up through the cracks. Then, we pressure washed the entire surface to remove any remaining dirt and debris. After that we dried the surface using forced air and applied a special primer to the asphalt.

The next day we applied seam sealer to the cracks and sprayed our pure Polyurea coating at a thickness of approximately 100 mils over the entire surface. This product is both fluid proofed and chemically resistant to the Calcium Chloride chemical material being stored here.


Our solution extended the lifespan of this containment area and provided a completely seamless fluid tight boundary on top of the existing structure.

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